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Mike Dole Chimney Sweeps offer you professional chimney sweeping and flue fitting services in the following areas of london:
Camden, Islington, Westminister, Chelsea, Kensington, Haringey, Putney, Hamsted nw3, Highgate n6,
Kentish town, Camden town nw1, Hackney, Highbury, Hornsey, holoway, Tufnel park, st Johns wood.
We also cover most if not all of North London, Northwest London, Central London and Southwest London.
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We are a family firm of chimney engineers established in 1964.

As members of Hetas and The Guild of Master Sweeps, all our work is carried out to a very high standard and is among the most competitively priced in London. We are exclusively available to London and will sweep and test all chimneys from 1 story up to 12 stories high. We also install and inspect Flue Linings on all chimneys in London.

Our motto is:

We Clean and test your Chimney with no fuss or mess.
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Chimney Sweeps London

Residents of London that are now looking for a Chimney Sweep have many reasons for contacting us. Winter is now on the way and the onset of the colder winter months mean more home owners will be thinking of lighting their fires again. No doubt your stove or fireplace has probably stood empty for most of the year, and so for many this requires preparing the stove or fireplace for use again. Having us stop by to clean the flue and make sure everything is in working order will help to keep your family safe, and ensure a hazard free season. There are several steps that need to be addressed before the fireplace or stove is put into operation for the season.

During the off season the fireplace is seldom used. They are often neglected and left vacant during the warmer months of summer. These long periods of dormancy create opportunities for problems to arise. The chimney lining in a London residence may need to be clean, repaired or completely replaced. This an essential internal component of the fireplace system, if there are cracks or leaks present it could create hot spots and problems in other areas of the house. The same can be said about a stove lining in a London home as these heating units serve the same purpose of providing heat to the rest of the house.

Hiring a chimney sweep from the London area will ensure that all the fixtures and features of the heating unit for the establishment are in proper working order and ready for use when the cold weather hits. There are other problems that can arise from leaving the components of the heating device unattended throughout the warmer months. Small animals can build nests that will block the flue. Blockages of this nature can be extremely hazardous. Depending on the material used in the nesting construction fires can erupt rather quickly and cause further damage to the house. Smoke damage can result from a backed up flue causing hazardous and harmful fumes to re-enter the house. If small animals are trapped and die the smell can also seep back into the residence and be difficult to remove.

In older homes where the chimney has been excessively damaged but still intact enough to serve some purpose it may be necessary to hire us as stove fitting specialists in the London area to assist with correcting the problems. Many fireplaces and chimneys are easy to refit with a stove insert. This can often times be a cost effective solution to an aging apparatus such as a chimney. Rather than repair or replace the existing features a resident may elect to install a stove that will fit within the existing structure without needing very much in the form of alteration or modification. Stoves represent the latest in technological advances that are capable of converting an existing fireplace into a more cost efficient heating solution. Several people around the world have already considered and opted for using a conversion kit to have a stove installed in their residence. They will lower the heating bill for the house on an annual basis.

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