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Properties located in Hackney London Highbury that require someone to either Sweep their chimney, or repair, replace or fit a new flue lining or would like to install a fireplace or new stove, we would love to help you.

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Hackney London Highbury chimney sweeps

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How many home owners have the knowledge and tools to clean their chimney after a full winter season of extensive use? The majority of individuals will forget to make the necessary arrangements, or will schedule appointments at the wrong time of the year and forget to have the chimney re-inspected prior to firing it for the first time the next season. While it is a great idea to have Hackney chimney sweeps come in and clean the entire heating unit after the winter weather breaks and returns to a more normal and enjoyable temperature, this will not ensure the system is ready the following season. In order to ensure the fireplace will be ready for use when the wet and cold weather arrives, it will be necessary to have the chimney re-inspected prior to being fired up for heat.

Even though the Chimney Sweeps in Hackney were contacted after the last season and did a thorough and complete job of cleaning the equipment, there are still things that could occur to the unit while not in use that would prevent them from working properly. Small animals and birds have been known to build nests in the interior walls and flues of a chimney. These obstructions pose health and safety risks for the house and the people living within it. If they are not properly removed they can cause smoke to back up and begin flowing into the house. Not only does this pose a health problem it can also be fatal if not noticed and corrected in a timely manner.

The chimney lining of a Hackney home is a very vital part of the integrity associated with a heating system of this nature. If the lining has cracks or pieces missing these places will attract and coagulate harmful chemical compounds such as creosote which is a highly flammable and extremely explosive substance. It has a very dark, black in most cases, appearance that resembles tar. It is released by wood when the fire is going and collects in the nooks and crannies that can become evident within the flue and lining. If this material is allowed to remain intact and is not properly removed it will pose larger problems with each passing day.

Once a creosote deposit begins to build up within a chimney system it takes special tools to ensure proper removal. While some facilities sell the necessary equipment they do not provide the relevant instructions that are required to operate the tools correctly. The investment made for purchasing these tools will often be wasted when they are used improperly. For the absolute best results it is highly recommended that home owners contact the appropriate Hackney chimney sweeps to solve the problem. Proper removal and disposal procedures are best left to those that are qualified to handle these tasks. There is a good reason these companies exist and it is to ensure the residence is safe and secure and that the family residing within has less to worry about during the use of the fireplace.

Hackney London Highbury Sweep
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Hackney London Highbury area Chimney Sweeps, Flue Linings and fireplace fitter sweep