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If you are in Haringey London and are looking for someone to either Sweep your chimney, Repair or replace or fit a new Flue or Fireplace or stove, then you have found the right place.

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Chimney Lining & chimney sweeps in Haringey

Are you in the process of protecting your home and preparing it for the upcoming cold and wet winter months? If you live in or around the surrounding area then contacting Chimney sweeps in Haringey is something you need to give some serious consideration to. All too often home owners forget or neglect to take the proper care with their equipment and this leads to serious problems during the winter season. A dormant fireplace that has been left sitting for the entire summer can have a plethora of problems that are not easy to identify. The entire structure and all working components need to be inspected to ensure they are in safe working order and clean and free of debris.

Unclean chimneys can become clogged with creosote which a highly combustible and flammable material. This chemical compound is found along the inside walls of a chimney or stove pipe and if not removed properly it can cause some very serious problems for the home owner. Your Haringey home needs a Chimney Lining cleaning crew to come in and make sure the material is removed and disposed of correctly. Creosote on the lining of the flue on the interior of a chimney can build up in vast amounts over the course of the winter and while it doesn’t pose a problem during the warmer summer months it can be disastrous the first time the fireplace is ignited and put into use the following season.

Haringey Chimney Sweeps are professionally trained to inspect the interior and exterior of the entire structure. They have the knowledge to know what to look for when performing the inspection and will notify the home owner of any damage that is present and what problems it poses. If extensive repair work needs to be done these professionals will either provide an estimate or put the home owner in touch with a qualified repair person that will be capable of assisting them further. For simple repair work such as removing the nesting material of small animals and varmints that can find their way into these areas, the employee will be able to remove the object and ensure the blockage has been cleared.

It cannot be stressed enough how important it is to have Haringey Chimney Sweeps provide the necessary service for each and every home owner that has a fireplace in need of cleaning. Even if the fireplace is used very sparsely during the winter season there is still the possibility of obstruction and creosote buildup. If these situations exist and are left unattended, then the problems that will arise can be of a very significant nature. The complete and total loss of the residence and surrounding buildings is a very real possibility. Adjacent homes may also be damaged if the fire is due to the combustion of creosote collections in the chimney. This can have an extremely adverse effect on the financial situation for the owner losing their home and causing damage to those around them even though it was accidental.

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